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This webpage is dedicated to the Amorphophallus collector. To discuss, recommend or just talk about your amorphophalli please join my community.
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Urban Jungle
Baumfarn Community  
1 unidentified species or varieties of known one
2 available at the end of this year
  Please send any

For those of you who have problems navigating with the table above, here is a PDF version.

Currently are the following species in my posession (tubers or already sprouted seeds):
  • Amorphophallus albus
  • Amorphophallus aphyllus
  • Amorphophallus borneensis
  • Amorphophallus bulbifer
  • Amorphophallus coaetaneus
  • Amorphophallus discophorus
  • Amorphophallus dunnii
  • Amorphophallus decus-silvae
  • Amorphophallus henryi
  • Amorphophallus hewittii
  • Amorphophallus kiusianus
  • Amorphophallus konjac
  • Amorphophallus lambii
  • Amorphophallus longituberosus
  • Amorphophallus macrorhizus
  • Amorphophallus napalensis
  • Amorphophallus paeoniifolius
  • Amorphophallus titanum
  • Amorphophallus yunnanensis
Hope to get more soon.
If I have any opportunities for rare seeds or tubers, or low amount pieces of common types these will be offered
only to forum members. There are resticted areas for FMO's (for members only).
My community covers treeferns (Dicksonia, Cyathea) and nature conservancy related stuff too. If your are able to give a first hand impression of nature destruction or (even better) nature conservancy your are very invited to join. Please post also any contact information on local environment protection groups.